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“Build The Temple” -  Donation Program

A profound journey of devotion and hope that began in 2009, Sri Ratana International Buddhist Center was revived amidst financial difficulties through the “Save The Temple” Donation Program with the mega contribution of Dr. Walter Jayasinghe and many other compassionate contributions from our valued community members who came together with the spirit of unity.


A place truly of the patrons and the people, the center and the Sangha are inviting donations through the “Build The Temple” Donation Program to begin the construction of the “Vihara Mandiraya” (Monastery), that will continue to serve Buddhist communities and nurture the essence of Dhamma and culture for the generations to come. 


We request all our kind community members to support this endeavor in solidarity by making generous donations to seek blessings for yourself and your family or in the loving memory of your departed beloveds, and promoting the cause amongst friends and family in the U.S. and overseas. United we can conquer any challenge. Together we can make a difference to lives!


SRIBC is a registered 501C (3) non-profit organization and any donations towards this cause are tax deductible.


May the Noble Triple Gem bless you!

to the Cause

Help build a temple of spirituality and tradition. Donate now using gofundme or PayPal link below and be a part of this sacred journey.

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